I had the opportunity to sit down and interview Jenny Llanes of Llanes weddings last week.  She was such a doll and she had a steller portfolio.  I asked her what is the biggest advice that she had for brides and grooms while they are looking for a photographer.  She said the best thing is to meet the photographer face to face.  You have to feel the connection there and be able to let go and trust that they will be able to capture your most precious moments.  One thing that Jenny mentioned that I don’t hear often is that they have the clients send them pictures that they admire, whether it’s the lighting, composition, angles that they like.  That way she can get to know what style the client loves.

Some unique things that her past clients have done is to recreate favorite moments.  She mentioned that she had a couple that recreated the picture of Johnny Cash and June sitting by a fireplace.  These are the fun and unique things that couples can do to make their wedding stand out!

Here are some of Jenny’s favorite moments that she has captured!


Talk about the sweetest picture! Here is the proud father of the bride!

san diego wedding

One of the best moment at every wedding! When the couple are holding hands as husband and wife for the very first time!

On the way out, she also mentioned that her husband Joseph LLanes who is also a photographer and owner of Llanes weddings, is a celebrity photographer!  His Latest celebrity shoot was with Rihanna and Catherine McPhee!  How fabulous is that?  How many people can say that their wedding photographer is the same person that took pictures of Rihanna?

Photo by Joseph Llanes