Wynn  was a delight to work with. She’s very friendly and approachable but also professional and responsible. I used her services starting from one month prior to my wedding at The Prado in San Diego. She always answered my questions quickly and provided some great advice. She also met the catering manager with me to make sure that every detail was addressed. My husband and I were so happy to have had Wynn and her team helping us on our wedding day. Even on the day of our wedding, we were talking about how she was such a HUGE help! I couldn’t imagine not having her there! The day went so smoothly, and I didn’t have to worry about a thing! She really allowed us to enjoy the day and really celebrate the beginning of our marriage! -Lillian

Wynn Austin  went above and beyond our expectations. Because of Wynn, our wedding has been given Platinum status by all that witnessed it! It was flawless and beautiful. The hardwork that Wynn and her team displays only shows the true dedication, commitment and passion they possess for their profession. Wynn does not provide a just a simple service, she will give you a day to remember, and that is priceless in a bride’s and groom’s eyes.-Anh

Dear Wynn,

Rick and I wish to profoundly thank you for all your assistance with our wedding day. We loved every minute of it! Everything was more beautiful than we ever dreamed. We appreciate all your loving attention to every detail and your great smile. We highly recommend you to any future bride and groom to ensure a fantastic wedding experience!

Rick and Linda

Wynn was an amazing wedding planner. We worked with her for the last 2 months as a day of planner. Our wedding was on a Navy Base so it was great to have her there to take care of any last minute situations. I am definitely an “in control” person but on my wedding day I completely trusted her!! I did not look at one thing or check on anything before the wedding started. I had complete faith that she knew what she was doing, knew what we were looking for, and was great at her job! We also had our hotel room decorated by Le Chic and it was amazing to walk into the room and have such a romantic setting for our wedding night.  I did not have to think of a thing the day of the wedding and never needed to check a clock or see what we were forgetting. Wynn and her assistant were right on top of everything and the day was exactly what we were hoping for and then some!!  Definitely work with Wynn if you are looking for a wedding planner!! -Danielle

Wynn was superb! She did an exceptional job at organizing our tasks, our vendor contracts, our timeline, and our wedding! She pays close attention to detail, gently keeping us on track to the time schedule. She is a true professional, who maintains her friendliness and her approachability through those stressful moments. She really helped us define our priorities for the wedding day so that we would have a successful event. I was very impressed with how well she negotiated with our vendors. We had a situation in which one of our vendors was not completely holding up his end of the contract. It took persistence on behalf of Wynn and she was able to negotiate the terms so that we would not lose money and our vendor would play for the full length of time we wanted him. I definitely could not have pulled that off without Wynn! Also, the day of the wedding, Wynn was extremely professional (appropriate attire as well) and was an exceptional helping hand! Any and every task that I (the bride) asked Wynn to help me with was done and was done correctly!! My family and guests really enjoyed the wedding and we KNOW that are wedding would not have been such a smooth, successful day if Wynn had not been there to help us with it! It was amazing how much we enjoyed our wedding day and how well everything went… trust me… Wynn’s timeline and organization made the difference in the world so that my husband and I did not feel rushed and were able to enjoy our day! I highly, highly recommend Wynn as anyone’s wedding coordinator! She will not let you down and is the best value for your money! Trust me… she is the best wedding present you can get!!!

Beatriz Lewis

Her name says it all! With Wynn, you seriously get the wedding of your dreams! Everything went so smoothly, on cue, on time. Guests would not stop commenting on how beautifully the wedding flowed from beginning to end! As a event sales & coordinator myself, I could not have asked for a better executed day =) Without Wynn’s help, I know for a fact it my wedding would have not been as perfect as it was (no joke). She caught all the details that I missed, and even brought up points that I would have never expected! I highly recommend every bride to hire a wedding coordinator, no matter how organized she is! And it would be your best investment if you booked Wynn!

Jennifer Legacy

My husband and I got married on 5/1/09 and we couldn’t be happier with how the event turned out. It was so beautiful! Wynn did a STELLAR job – from day one, through the end of our reception. She helped us find the perfect venue, referred us to a great Pastor, and her vendor referrals were excellent. All the while, she kept our budget in mind and kept us on track. Nothing would have gotten done without her! For anyone looking for a friendly, professional, considerate, detail-oriented, time-oriented wedding consultant who really listens to what you want, go with Wynn. (THANK YOU WYNN!!!)

Susanne Sanchez

Wynn was extremely organized and helped out my mom a lot. On the day of the wedding she was the one who had everything under control and it was a big weight lifted off of my mothers shoulders to be able to depend on Wynn. =)

Nkki Clarkson

Wynn is an awesome wedding consultant. She completely took care of me both leading up to my big day and through it. She is very organized and scheduled, and her time line was so necessary!! Even though I just hired her to do my day of planning, she was a huge help when I ran into an issue. Three weeks prior to my date my DJ canceled on me. I was a total mess, freaking out like crazy!! I called Wynn and within one day she had found me a replacement. My new DJ honored my old contract and was able to deliver perfect music on my day! Without Wynn I don’t know what I would have done. On my wedding day, Wynn directed us through each event and kept us on schedule even when my bridal party was trying hard to be on their own time. Wynn is professional, kind, and works hard to make every part of your day perfect. At my wedding, Wynn was also 9 months pregnant and still smiling!! I loved her and I highly recommend her for all your wedding needs! She wont let you down! Thanks Wynn!!

Carlie Nemecyk

Wynn has been amazing in guiding me through my wedding plans. Wynn Austin is wonderful to work with and I would recommend her to anyone!

Holly Stephenson