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Want YOUR Event to be Effortlessly Chic?


Weddings can be so generic that it’s hard to remember one from the next….but not YOURS. Yours will be effortlessly chic with Wynn Austin Fine Weddings & Events  by your side

Envision your wedding day. Your guests know that a couple of your caliber will have no ordinary wedding…..and you will not disappoint. They will be dazzled and swooned by all the details. They are gleaming at your innovative ideas, vibrantly charming decor and thoughtful gestures. They know you want to make this day memorable not only for you but also for every person that you’ve asked to join you as you celebrate this beautiful day.

The best part…you didn’t have to worry about a thing except looking and feeling your best…

Wynn has been planning & designing this wedding by your side every step of the way, from the blissful beginnings down to polishing off the finishing touches.

Since we know you are unique, we customize your wedding program to your specific needs.

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Call Wynn at (858) 334-9059

(Wynn Austin Fine Weddings & Events was formally known as Le Chic Wedding Consulting)



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